Dare to defy death in this Adventure for the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game.
A death curse has befallen everyone who's been raised from the dead. Its victims are rotting away, and all efforts to reverse the decay have failed. The souls of the dead are being stolen one by one and trapped inside a necromantic artifact. Only its destruction will free the trapped spirits and allow the dead to be raised once more. All paths lead to Chult, a mysterious land of volcanoes, jungles, and the ruins of fallen kingdoms. Below them all awaits a deadly tomb. The trap is set. Will you take the bait?


Tomb of Annihilation is an epic Dungeons & Dragons adventure set in the land of Chult, a dangerous and largely unexplored jungle peninsula in world of the Forgotten Realms. The adventure acts as a sequel to the Tomb of Horrors, arguably the deadliest dungeon ever penned by the late great Gary Gygax. It is designed for up to six player characters of 1st level, and it will take them all the way up to 11th level by the time they reach its conclusion. The central plot can be summarized as follows:

  • People all over the world are suffering from an incurable disease that seems to target only those who have been raised from the dead. The characters are sent to the jungles of Chult to find the source of the disease.
  • Uncover the ruins of lost civilizations while dealing the the locals in a harsh environment that is easy to get lost in without a guide.
  • Once they find the ancient tomb, the worst is yet to come. The artifact they seek is at the deepest level of the dungeon, and each level between it and the surface is harder than the last. Even if they reach it, the characters are in for a rude awakening as the artifact's master isn't about to sit idly by while his plan is unraveled.


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Tomb of Annihilation

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