In an age long past a once-proud fortress fell into the earth, swallowed by some natural disaster. Now, what's left of the ruin is teeming with monsters who have grown more bold of late. Venture into this sunless citadel to uncover its secrets and cut down the evil that has taken root within.


The Sunless Citadel is an introductory Dungeons & Dragons adventure/dungeon delve set within an ancient, sunken fortress. It was the first official published adventure released for the 3rd edition of the game back in 2000, and has been beautifully updated for 5th edition here. Designed for up to six player characters starting at 1st level and who might reach 3rd level by the adventure's conclusion. The plot can be summarized as follows:

  • The characters’ foray into the citadel begins with an incursion into the most accessible areas of the fortress, where a tribe of kobolds has taken up residence. The characters can avoid strife with the kobolds by agreeing to retrieve a lost pet for the kobold leader, and they might be able to persuade the kobolds to join their side.

  • The goblins that live deeper inside the citadel consider themselves the owners of the place. They defend themselves aggressively against intrusion, making it difficult to avoid combat with them.

  • Eventually, the characters discover the lower level of the citadel and the Twilight Grove that lies within. There, they learn the truth about the evil growing within, and they must confront Belak the Outcast and the Gulthias Tree.


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The Sunless Citadel

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