Fight against the Red Wizards of Thay on their home turf in this Adventure fot eh World's Greatest Roleplaying Game.


Near the village of Daggerford on the Sword Coast, the Red Wizards of Thay plotted to extend the evil reach of their land and its master, the lich lord Szass Tam. At a site called Bloodgate Keep they built a powerful portal, fueled by elemental nodes, that could allow Thayans to instantly transport whole armies into the very heart of the Sword Coast. With this power, the Red Wizards would surely overthrow and take control of the North. However, groups of heroes recently assaulted Bloodgate Keep and its master, the lich Tarul Var. With the help of a renegade Red Wizard named Mennek Ariz, this assault was successful. Bloodgate Keep fell, and Szass Tam’s plans of invasion were crushed. What no one expected, though, was that despite the fall of the keep itself, parts of the Bloodgate Nexus (an interconnected series of teleportation circles) survived, and a Thayan Resurrection cell leader named Syranna devised a way to use it against Szass Tam. Syranna had been part of the team that originally assembled the Bloodgate Nexus, and knew that remaining nodes allowed direct access to a secret Thayan training ground known as the Doomvault.


Dead in Thay is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure/megadungeon set within the Doomvault. It can be played as a stand-alone adventure, or as a sequel to Scourge of the Sword Coast. It is designed for up to six player characters starting at 9th level and who might reach 11th level by the adventure's conclusion ... if they don't end up dead in Thay. The adventure's plot can be summarized as follows:

  • Sucked against their will into the Doomvault in Thay, the adventurer's must ally themselves with a renegade Red Wizard in order to have any hope of survival in enemy territory.

  • With Syranna's help and guidance, the characters have an opportunity to strike a powerful blow in Szass Tam's operation. But will they take the risk?

  • Eventually the characters discover the location of the eveil lich's phylactry, and with it a chance to rid themselves of him once and for all, but if they go through the portal there will be no turning back! 


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Dead in Thay

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