The arch-lich Acererak has returned and this time there will be no stopping him from achieving his goals!

Having suffered the ultimate defeat by legendary heroes who were able to outsmart even him, Acererak has gone back in time to undo his own undoing and bring about the destruction of those who would later destroy him. By the time you've caught wind of what dastardly plot is unfolding it's already too late and Acererak has won! Your only hope now is to traverse time and space as he has to undo the chaos he has wrought before it has even begun. Do you have what it takes to defy fate, overcome death, and stand up to the might of gods? Or will this prove to be Acererak's ultimate and final revenge?!


Acererak's Revenge is an epic Dungeons & Dragons planar adventure set across the multiverse of D&D lore. Travel across time and space to different worlds and challenge the many Tombs of Horrors that lie there in your quest to stop Acererak once and for all. The adventure acts as both a prequel AND sequel to the Tomb of Horrors and Return to the Tomb of Horrors, arguably the deadliest dungeon ever penned by the late great Gary Gygax. Though the adventure adapts large sections of the 4th edition superadventure (also titled Tomb of Horrors, to be confusing), the plot is an original creation. It is designed for up to six player characters of 10th level, and it will take them all the way up to 20th level by the time they reach its conclusion. The central plot can be summarized as follows:

  • The heroes who defeated Acererak were to be immortalized into legend, but instead the opposite occurs - they've been erased from history! Meanwhile, Acererak has ascended to become a deity and used his newfound powers to reshape the domains of death and fate in his image.
  • The heroes must travel across the D&D multiverse and confront aspects of Acererak in a variety of deadly tombs to disrupt the lich-god's plans and bring themselves closer to a final confrontation with him. But the agents of Acererak will not make their journey easy!
  • The hereos have one last chance at victory - they must go back in time and face Acererak once more and stop him from ascending to godhood. If they can succeed their lives will be restored. If not, they face erasure from all existence!


Acererak has laid down the gauntlet, will you accept his challenge? Book your adventure today!

Acererak's Revenge

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