The world needs more heroes!


Fortunately, you've got plenty to spare, and we don't mind! Each of our adventures are designed for up to six players, but with a little extra prep-work our DMs can accomodate almost any size of party. Got seven people who want to play? No problem. Ten? We can do that. A Hundred?! We'll have to bring a whole fleet of DMs in for that, but worry not, we've got you covered.


The price listed is per order, not per session, so if you are booking multiple sessions at a time you only need to pay for this once per extra player.

+1 Player

  • You will be asked to confirm the date and time you wish to book after paying for your session(s). Bookings are subject to the availability of our DMs. If you are looking to book us for a specified date and time, please contact us before purchasing your session(s) to confirm that we can accomodate you.

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